Generic Tadalafil

Generic Tadalafil (sometimes also called generic Cialis) containing the active ingredient Tadalafil is a medications for the treatment of Erectile dysfunction. Generic Tadalafil is offered and sold on the pharmaceutical market in Canada as a lower-cost generic equivalent of a more expensive original (branded) prescription drug called Cialis. Both original Cialis and its cheaper generic Tadalafil equivalent contains the labelled quantity of same active ingredient with the equal quality. Tadalafil belongs to a class of medications called PDE5 inhibitors. As well as Cialis, generic Tadalafil is a prescription medication that is used to treat Erectile dysfunction and is available in drug tablet form and dosage amounts of 10,20,40,60,80 mg. Below you can find and compare prices for generic Tadalafil at many pharmacies that offer you to buy generic Tadalafil in Canada online with delivery to your doors. Find a suitable online pharmacy with the best Tadalafil prices and deals.
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Active ingredient : Tadalafil Manufactured by : Various
Treatment: Erectile dysfunction Dosage : 10, 20, 40, 60, 80 mg

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) has become a common problem among men these days. While earlier Impotence (ED) was limited to older men only, it has become common for men in their forties and thirties to consult doctors for soft erections as they do not feel confident and cannot enjoy sex as they cannot penetrate their female partners. Cialis is the brand name of a drug called Tadalafil that has become very popular among men as an effective treatment of Erectile Dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction is mentally debilitating, and whatever the reason behind your problem, Generic Tadalafil is one drug that keeps you ready for a sexual encounter with your partner so that you may not have to run away or politely refuse as you cannot get your penis ready for the intercourse. No matter what your age or the severity of your problem of Erectile Dysfunction, taking Generic Tadalafil daily means you are always ready to enjoy the fruits of sex. The pleasure of sex is something that is even stronger than other pleasures in life. And why deny yourself this pleasure when there is Tadalafil to keep you ready for sexual encounters?

Generic Tadalafil is a medication meant for adult males only, and it has to be kept away from women and children. The drug relaxes muscles and increase blood flow to penis and surrounding areas to give the person a hard erection every time he consumes the tablet. Men having symptoms of BPH are also prescribed Tadalafil.

There have been side effects that have been reported by men after taking Tadalafil. These include chest pain, dizziness, difficulty breathing, swelling of tongue etc. One must report any such symptoms to his doctor as soon as possible. Men having problem with their kidneys or liver can have serious problems after taking Generic Tadalafil. You should nkow that Tadalafil can remain in the body for as long as 2 days after consuming the pill.

Another point to note is that you should not take any other pill or medication for treatment of ED while you are on thismedication prescribed by your doctor. One should also note that Tadalafil is not a cure for Erectile Dysfunction and that it only allows a person having Impotence to have a hard erection to enjoy the pleasures of sex. Tadalafil is available only on prescription and one should not treat it as an over the counter drug. You should contact or visit your doctor before take any medications!