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Generic Famciclovir (sometimes also called generic Famvir) containing the active ingredient Famciclovir is a medications for the treatment of Viral infections. Generic Famciclovir is offered and sold on the pharmaceutical market in Denmark as a lower-cost generic equivalent of a more expensive original (branded) prescription drug called Famvir. Both original Famvir and its cheaper generic Famciclovir equivalent contains the labelled quantity of same active ingredient with the equal quality. Famciclovir belongs to a class of medications called Antivirals. As well as Famvir, generic Famciclovir is a prescription medication that is used to treat Viral infections and is available in drug tablet form and dosage amounts of 250,500 mg. Below you can find and compare prices for generic Famciclovir at many pharmacies that offer you to buy generic Famciclovir in Denmark online with delivery to your doors. Find a suitable online pharmacy with the best Famciclovir prices and deals.
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Active ingredient : Famciclovir Manufactured by : Various
Treatment: Viral infections Dosage : 250, 500 mg

Looking at the complete picture of Generic Famvir (Famciclovir)

Famiciclovir is a synthetic nucleoside (guanine) analogue. The trade name of this drug is Famvir, this drug is an antiviral medication that is commonly used in the treatment of herpes zoster infection. Famciclovir acts as a barrier against herpes, stopping the spreading process of this disease. It does this by preventing the virus from penetrating into the cells, inhibiting its reproduction and its lifespan. This action of Famciclovir makes it possible for the body to fight the infective process of the virus.

The herpex zoster infection and its treatment

The herpes zoster virus acts by imitating the bodies existing nucleoside because these viruses contain RNA and DNA and therefore in their reproductive process they use the organisms' biosyntheses material for their multiplication. This is the reason why their multiplication comes very fast. Since they are intrinsic in action the treatment of this infection with a specific antiviral therapy was a challenge to the pharmaceutical world as well as the entire medical world. This problem has been taken care of and the puzzle solved with the introduction of Famvir.

The herpes Viruses includes viruses that usually cause disease in different parts of the body. The herpes simplex type 1 and 2 cause genital herpes (where the symptoms are seen in the genital areas). The virus varicella zoster is the causative agent for chicken pox and shingles. This is where the effect of Famvir is greatly sought for since this medication can actually be used in the treatment of all forms of the herpes infection. Famciclovir carries out its therapeutic effect by stopping the virus from reproducing itself and from affecting some other cells in the body. Normally there is no cure for herpes infection but what Famciclovir does is to reduce the symptoms that come with the infection.

The possible side effects of Famvir

Famvir is known for its effective treatment of the herpes infection. There are some side effects that have between associated with the use of this antiviral drug, though these side effects can be controlled it is best for everyone to know the symptoms that could be seen.

These symptoms include:

  • Allergic reaction, allergy is often seen as swollen lips, swollen face, swollen tongue, swollen throat and hives.

If allergic symptoms are seen it is best to see your medical doctor. Less complicated side effects are headache, tiredness, numbing and tingling finger, confusion, vomiting, stomach pain and dizziness.