Flagyl is the trade name of the Metronidazole product that is offered and sold on the pharmaceutical market in Worldwide as a fairly expensive original product. Outside the United States and some other countries, Flagyl is also available as a lower-cost generic equivalent called generic Metronidazole (sometimes, it is also mistakenly marketed as generic Flagyl), all contain the labelled quantity of the same active ingredient Metronidazole with the equal quality and amount. Flagyl is a prescription medication, that is used to treat Bacterial infections, and is available in tablet form and dosage amounts of 200, 400 mg. Flagyl is part of the drug class called Antibiotics. Below you can find and compare prices for Flagyl at many pharmacies that offer you to buy Flagyl in Worldwide online with delivery to your doors. Find a suitable online pharmacy with the best prices Flagyl and deals.
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Active ingredient : Metronidazole Manufactured by : Various
Treatment: Bacterial infections Dosage : 200, 400 mg

What you should know about Metronidazole (Generic Flagyl)

The name Flagyl has become a household name because of its wide range of action and efficacy when it comes to the treatment of anaerobic and protozoan caused infections. Flagyl is the brand name for the drug known as Metronidazole. Generic Metronidazole is an antibiotic which is effectively used in the treatment of infections caused by protozoa and anaerobic bacteria. Metronidazole as the name indicates is a derivative of Nitroimidazole, this drug and other drugs like Tinidazole, Ornidazole etc are bactericidal in action. The mechanism of action of Metronoidazole is one that is associated with the decrease of nitro- groups of the drug which makes it possible for Metronidazole to inhibit the enzyme system of the micro- organism, thereby leading to the death and destruction of the microorganism. This is why Metronidazole is referred to as an antibiotic with bactericidal effect (bacteria killing).

How Flagyl is used effectively

Metronidazole can be used as a tablet or applied topically on infection site in case of dermatological conditions. To use generic Flagyl effectively, there is a need to know the medical conditions that this antibiotic is indicated for. This antibiotic is used to treat different infections such as Giardia infection of the intestines, liver abscess caused by Amoebic infection, dysentery caused by Amoebic infection(this condition is an infection of the large intestine that usually results in bloody, watery stool), vaginal infection caused by trichomonas infection, bacterial vaginosis, Flagyl is also indicated for people who are suspected or confirmed carriers of Trichomonas infection due to a sexual partner diagnosed with the infection.

When Metronidazole is used for the treatment of an infection in the abdomen, respiratory tract or the central nervous system this drug is often combined with other antibiotics to create a more efficient effect this is possible because Flagyl is compatible with most other antibiotic therapies. Flagyl is the drug of choice when it comes to the required antibiotic in the treatment of peptic ulcer caused by helicobacter pylori. Generic Flagyl is also indicated for infections of C. Difficile which commonly occurs as a result of the use of other antibiotics. C.Difficile is a known anaerobic bacteria which infects the large intestine after the use of other antibiotics (these antibiotics leaves the colon susceptible to this bacteria by inhibiting the basic bacteria of the colon). Metronidazole gel is indicated as the treatment of acne rosacea and Metronidazole vagina gel is indicated for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis.